A note on our support of sustainable practices...

When we talk about specialty food, it is easy to find yourself distracted by the political nature of your choices and struggling to appreciate the essential simplicity and beauty of the products you are consuming. At Formaggio Kitchen, our primary goal is simple: to provide a range of high quality food products which appeal to our sense of what is exceptional and at the same time what is reasonably affordable.

We find that the most exceptional products typically offer an expression of both the terroir of their provenance and the traditions of the region. It turns out that most of the products we find that have this expression are produced in small quantities by people who practice some form of sustainable production.

To us, the sustainable production is the result of having a respect for the environment and community that are the source of the ingredients and materials that make up the product. This respect is manifested in labels such as organic (whether certified or not), biodynamic, integrated pest management, natural and sustainable. Each of these terms is not without nuance and indeed confusion. For this reason, we find the best way to understand the nature of the products we sell is to know the producer personally. We are proud to work directly with many of our producers in a way that allows us to better understand where they fall on the spectrum of organic and sustainable production.

As a retail store, we also make choices that respect our environment. For this reason we compost all of the organic waste material produced at the store. We recycle any incoming packing material for packages that we ship out for our mail order or wholesale customers. We are also happy drivers of a hybrid car which we use for our daily deliveries to local restaurants and for our trips to Formaggio Essex, our New York store. We continue to research additional ways of reducing our environmental footprint and we look forward to inspiring other small business owners to do the same.