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Several years ago during one of our trips to the Veneto, we stopped for a memorable cup of espresso in one of the cafes in Verona. We tracked the espresso down to the home of its roaster, Giovanni Frasi. He welcomed us in and then very passionately explained to us his mission -- his attention to selecting, roasting and packaging his beans. Then Giovanni took us to the small room where an antique Genovese roaster was spurting out flames while he slowly roasted some of his coffee. His is a light touch when it comes to roasting -- he watches every roast carefully to determine when the beans are perfectly roasted depending on the particular coffee's origin.

Every time Giovanni selects a new bean he sends out an announcement describing the bean, its origin, and his method of roasting. Needless to say we have become loyal customers, and his coffee has established quite a following at our store. A family run business for generations, Frasi's attention to detail and passion for his craft is comparable to that of a great wine producer.

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