France - Formaggio Kitchen


General Charles de Gaulle is said to have complained to Winston Churchill “How can anyone be expected to govern a country with 324 cheeses?”. Further research into the question of just how many types of cheese are produced in France has yielded 365 (one for each day of the year), 483 was the number Maurice Edmond Sailland (aka Curnonsky) came up with in 1927, Pierre Androuet wrote of 500 in 1971 and in his French Cheese Book, Patrick Rance noted 750 in 1988. We would venture to say that this number has increased even more since that time and likely now hovers close to 800.

Needless to say, with all of our travels to this country, we have hardly scratched the surface of their amazing collection of cheese.

While cheese is of primary interest to us in all of our visits to Europe, we also frequently find ourselves meandering through the wines of a biodynamic wine producer, tasting chocolate directly from the molds of an artisan chocolatier or spreading organic jam over a slice of levain just cooled from the oven.

In these travelogues, we try to share these experiences with you and we hope that they communicate a bit of the wonder and joy we feel when we travel.