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Queijo, chouriço and pinhões: Adventures in Portugal

Tim and Julie recently traveled to Portugal where they visited the capital city Lisbon and toured around the Alentejo, the least populous part of the country, with Portuguese specialty food exporter Manuel Maia. Summers in the Alentejo are hot and dry, but during our springtime visit the grass and trees were green and the weather Continue Reading »

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Small Estate Port: Quinta do Infantado Tawny Porto

Quinta do Infantado is unusual in that they are a small estate that bottles their own ports. The brother and sister team of Joao and Catherine Roseira are famous for making ports that are a bit drier than average, but with a marvelous richness of fruit.

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Portuguese Cheeses: A Whole New Line-Up

I have been gradually working to build our selection of Portuguese cheeses here at our Cambridge location. In the past, we’ve had a few varieties at a time, but this is the first time we’ve had as large a selection as this, and I’m very excited about them all.

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Visions of Sugar Ameixas: When Is a Plum Not a Plum?

Elvas plums, also known as Greengage plums, have been grown and candied for preservation for centuries in the Upper Alentejo region of Portugal. Greenish in color, these plums are prized in many countries for their rich, sweet flavor.

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Dios Mio, It’s Membrillo!

If you love cheese, you’ve likely come across the sweet, tangy condiment called Membrillo. Membrillo is the Spanish word for the quince fruit and is commonly used to refer to the sweet quince paste also known as cotognata in Italian and marmelada in Portuguese.