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A Visit to Twig Farm

Michael Lee strides into the thick, overgrown land behind his house, looking for the shady spot where his herd of goats is foraging for their afternoon meal. “Hey ladies!” he shouts upon spotting the group, and steps over the portable fence into their large makeshift pen. At once, they surround him, following as he walks Continue Reading »

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with an All-American Cheese Board

We checked in with Tripp, the Head Manager on our cheese counter and our domestic cheese buyer. He has put together a wonderful recommendation for a Thanksgiving cheeseboard, incorporating a cross-section of milk types and textures. He draws on some old favorites but also includes a couple of newer cheeses that we think are destined to become classics in their own right!

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Rites of Spring

Last week, a couple of us mongers went up to visit another local goat farm, Consider Bardwell in Pawlet, Vermont, where on an amazing spring afternoon we saw the herd of ladies-in-waiting — about 40 does who were due to give birth in the next day or so.