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Bean to Bar in Brooklyn: Mast Brothers Chocolate

Since opening in Brooklyn a few years ago, Mast Brothers Chocolate has been making a big name for itself. Founding brothers, Rick and Michael Mast, create flavorful bean-to-bar chocolate with imagination and enthusiasm at every step. They import some of the finest single origin cacao from around the world. Recently, they realized a long-held dream Continue Reading »


A Short History of Cocoa and its Production

The earliest evidence suggests that the cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao) originated in the Amazon or Orinoco basin.  It is believed that the Mayan and Olmec civilizations of mesoamerica prized cacao beans both as a form of currency and as a food product.  The Mayan feathered snake god Kukulkan and the corresponding Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl are Continue Reading »

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What’s the Difference? Dutch-Processed, Natural and Drinking Cocoa

At this time of the year, one of the things that customers often pop into the shop looking for is cocoa – cocoa for baking and cocoa for drinking. There are a few different types available out there and we thought it might be helpful to break things down a bit.