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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in Reggio Emilia, Italy

Driving through the disorienting January fog along the narrow, winding roads of Reggio Emilia, we were grateful to have a guide. Andrea Bezzecchi had picked us up from the Reggio Emilia train station and was taking us to Novellara, his hometown and the home of Acetaia San Giacomo, where his family has made balsamic vinegar Continue Reading »

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Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP: What’s in Your Bottle of Vinegar?

Historically, the category of balsamic, balsamico or balsamic vinegar consisted of products with levels of quality all over the map. Some careful producers, employing traditional methods, produced balsamics with beautiful balance and depth of flavor. At the same time, large, industrial producers sold balsamics using inexpensive ingredients and time-saving technologies to maximize profits, capitalizing on the balsamic name.

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Balsamico Tradizionale: True Balsamic Vinegar

The easiest way to introduce the nuances of balsamic vinegar is by taking a look at Balsamico Tradizionale from two small provinces in Italy: Modena and Reggio-Emilia. The highest quality balsamic, representing the purest form of the condiment, is produced only in these two provinces.