Mast Brothers Chocolate, Vanilla & Smoke- 70g

Country of Origin: United States
Region: New York
City / Village: Brooklyn

The Mast Brothers out of Brooklyn, New York have a devout following (ourselves included) thanks to their total commitment to every step from bean to bar. Their uniquely packaged, handcrafted chocolates are truly elegant.

Made using a base of 71% Papua New Guinea cacao that is smoked, roasted, cracked and winnowed before being stone-ground with bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar. The chocolate is then aged before being formed into bars and hand wrapped in the Mast Brothers' distinctively designed papers.

This chocolate has a smooth texture and a bold flavor of smokiness that blends effortlessly into a fruity chocolate base and a light vanilla finish.

Produced By: Mast Brothers Chocolate
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Mast Brothers Chocolate, Vanilla & Smoke- 70g
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