Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract - 4oz

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Bourbon vanilla is so named as it is sourced from what were once known as the Bourbon islands: Madagascar, Comoro, Seychelle and Reunion. The vanilla from Madagascar is viewed as the finest in the world. This pure extract of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla has a rich, creamy, sweet, velvety flavor that is perfectly suited for a range of products from baked goods to ice creams, salad dressings to barbeque sauces. Ingredients for this extract are water, alcohol, sugar and vanilla bean extract.

Vanilla beans, traditionally grown in Madagascar and Indonesia are harvested from the only edible fruit-bearing orchids known.  Each flower, open only once in its lifetime, must be hand-pollinated to produce a pod that will eventually become the vanilla bean.  A labor intensive three to six month curing process is required in order for the pod to develop its fullest flavor.  About five pounds of harvested pods produce only one pound of cured pods.  Nielsen-Massey uses its exclusive cold-process method to extract the essence from select pods, the finest obtainable, producing rich and delicious flavor that is the best we've found.

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Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract - 4oz
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