Gray's Grist Mill Johnny Cake Mix - 1lb.

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Rhode Island
City / Village: Adamsville

Gray's Grist Mill in Rhode Island (the property actually sits on the Massachusetts / Rhode Island border) is one of the oldest, continually running grist mills in New England.

A Grist mill is a traditional name used for a mill that grinds grain into meal.  Most often, the name is used to describe an older mill such as Gray's mill which was originally water-powered and now uses electricity to move the massive granite grind stones.

When the mill began in the 1700s, townspeople had limited transportation and relied on homegrown products and local processors.  Since wheat was not well-adapted to New England, corn meal was the primary ingredient in what were called "journey cakes" or eventually jonnycakes.

The Gray's johnny cake mix is produced using native-grown Narragansett White Flint Corn which is husked, dried for 6-8 months, shelled and milled. This traditional foodway continues thanks to folks like John Hart (owner from 1939 to 1980) and Ralph Guild (current owner) and we encourage you to give it a try to get a little taste of New England history.

Check out the Gray's Grist Mill Johnny Cake recipe.

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Gray's Grist Mill Johnny Cake Mix - 1lb.
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