Cheese Sampler for Beer

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Various
Type of Milk: Various
Cheese Style: Various
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

Everyone knows cheese pairs well with wine. But what about beer? We're happy to let you know beer is every bit as good a dance partner! In many ways, beer can even be better. Beer's natural earthiness and body bring out cheese's fantastic flavors. No matter what you're pouring - a crisp and bright wheat beer, sharp and edgy IPA, or dark and stormy stout, we have just the right cheeses!

When ordering this sampler, simply select the style of beer you're serving, and we'll will pick four different half-pound pieces of cheese that will pair perfectly. We'll make sure to select cheeses from different origins and with different characteristics to provide the best experience possible. Just pour a pint of your favorite beer and enjoy. Cheers!

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Cheese Sampler for Beer
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