Genuine German Filder-Sauerkraut - 580ml

Formaggio Kitchen Exclusive

Country of Origin: Germany
Region: Baden-Württemberg
City / Village: Aichtal

This sauerkraut is made with the Arrowhead cabbage - or as it is known in Germany, the Filder-Spitzkraut or Spitzkohl - a "white cabbage" with the lengthy Latin name of Brassica oleracea var. capitata for. alba subv. conica.

The Filder-Spitzkraut is on the German Slow Food Ark of Taste and the cabbage’s name is a reference to the region where it has historically been cultivated – the Fildern, a fertile plateau in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany (near Stuttgart).

Spitzkraut are considered to be more delicate in texture than typical roundheaded cabbage with finer and less veins - they are also generally seen to be juicier cabbages. Their higher natural sugar content makes them ideal for fermenting - and, hence, perfect for sauerkraut.

Because these uniquely shaped cabbages are harder to process, only three producers still use them to make sauerkraut - among them, Kimmich Sauerkonserven from whom we import these cans. This is the first time their sauerkraut has been imported to the United States.

While still acidic, this Filder-Sauerkraut is slightly sweeter and more delicate than other sauerkrauts we have tried. The flavor is bright and fresh tasting and pairs perfectly with browned sausages, or a pork roast.

To learn more about this unique cabbage and the sauerkraut made from it, please check out our blog by clicking here.

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Genuine German Filder-Sauerkraut - 580ml
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