Taza 60% chocolate bar - 3oz (85g)

Country of Origin: United States
Region: Massachusetts
City / Village: Somerville

Taza chocolates are made in our own backyard (Somerville, MA) by Alex Whitmore and Larry Slotnick.  Their taste for chocolate is decidedly South American in style.  They create whole-bean chocolate directly from organically-grown, directly-purchased cacao.

The molinos first stone-grind the beans, and then stone rollers refine the chocolate mass to an exquisitely-flavored, naturally-textured state.  This 60% bar has Taza's characteristic fruitiness with a slightly smoother texture than the 70% and 80% bars.

Produced By: Taza Chocolate
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Taza 60% chocolate bar - 3oz (85g)
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