Comté Sampler

Country of Origin: France
Region: Jura
Type of Milk: Cow
Flavor Profile: Medium-strong

After World War II, affineur Marcel Petite bought an unused munitions fort from the French government. He felt it would be an ideal environment for aging his 70-pound wheels of French Gruyère, known as Comté. And it is. Our first taste of Comté in the medieval, cavernous fort brought such refined, delicate, and long-lasting flavors...we were hooked! After earning the trust of affineurs Philipe and Claude, we began importing several ages of this magnificent cheese.

Our Comté sampler includes four different ages of our best-selling Marcel Petite Comté. We include Les Granges, the youngest of our Comté at 8-12 months. Next, the flavorful Trois Sapins, aged 9-12 months. Then, the standard-bearer Marcel Petite Fort Saint-Antoine, aged 12-14 months. Lastly, the concentrated and savory Le Fort, aged 16-24 months.

This sampler is a wonderful way to observe the subtle and striking changes brought on by longer aging of a single style of cheese.  This sampler includes a half-pound piece of each cheese (two pounds in total.)

Produced By: Marcel Petite
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Comté Sampler
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