Salt and Pepper Sampler

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Country of Origin: Various

This salt and pepper sampler was such a success in the 2010 holiday season that we decided to make it an annual offering! Each salt and pepper is carefully selected by our spice buyer to give a cross section of textures, colors and flavors.

The pairing of salt and pepper dates to seventeenth-century French cuisine. Both salt and pepper serve to enhance, not overpower, the true taste of the dish. Each sampler includes the the following three salts and three peppers as well as a descriptive insert, including recommendations for use.

Australian Murray River Salt: Salt collected from the briny depths of the Murray River basin in Australia which has its source in the Australian Alps to the southeast. This is a light, flaky salt with a rosy pink color.

Bali “Kechil” Pyramid Sea Salt: Earth, wind, fire and water join to create a natural union that determines the unique crystal character of each salt grain.

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt: This salt combines a hearty crunch with high-quality, activated charcoal - adds dramatic texture and color to any dish.

Pink Peppercorns: Pink peppercorns have a delicate fruity fragrance and a sweet and spicy flavor. These rare little "berries" also add a dash of color to your culinary creations. Crush and sprinkle on top of foie gras for a rich treat.

Tellicherry Peppercorns: Tellicherry peppercorns are so named in reference to the town of Tellicherry on the Malabar Coast of India where they are grown. These peppercorns are larger in size and renowned for their depth of flavor.

Green Peppercorns: Black, white and green pepper all come from the same Piper nigrum plant. Green peppercorns are produced by immersing the fresh green fruits in boiling water for about 20 minutes which kills the enzyme in the berry's skin which normally will turn black when dried but due to the boiling, turns the berries green.

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Salt and Pepper Sampler
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