Fallot Dijon Mustard - 7.4oz

Country of Origin: France
Region: Burgundy
City / Village: Beaune

Located in the Burgundian town of Beaune, the Fallot Company strives to maintain both quality and tradition in the world of mustard making.  They use traditional techniques such as using stone mills to grind the grains which helps to preserve the natural flavors of the mustard.

They innovate with various styles of mustard but all maintain a classically French profile such as their mustard and cassis or their mustard with Burgundy verjus.

Their Dijon is a staple of our kitchen.  It has all of the elements of a good Dijon that we look for including a balanced heat, a salt and vinegar contents that play their roles with subtlety rather than intensity.

Produced By: Edmund Fallot
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Fallot Dijon Mustard - 7.4oz
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