Tranquil Tuesdays Ancient Tree Raw Pu Erh - 30g

Country of Origin: China
Region: Yunnan
City / Village: Bulangshan

In the U.S., Pu'er or Pu Erh is not very well known, but it deserves to be. Pu'er is a type of black tea that undergoes a secondary fermentation that makes it a distinct variety and gives the tea its own unique characteristics in both aroma and flavor.

This Pu'er is grown in the Yunnan province where they transform the leaves from ancient wild tea trees (over 200 years old) into an earthy brew with smoky, camphor flavors for which pu’er is so renowned.

We recommend a pre-steep where you douse the leaves in the brewing water (at brewing temperature) for 10 seconds before pouring off the water. Start brewing for about a minute and build up to a longer period that suits your taste. Typically, no more than 2 or 3 minutes. Brew with clean, fresh water at 212 F. The results are well worth the effort!

Produced By: Tranquil Tuesdays Tea
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Tranquil Tuesdays Ancient Tree Raw Pu Erh - 30g
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