Pistachio Stuffed Rabbit Loin with Mostarda MeditteraneoPrint this Page

Rich Barton from Il Caprriccio in Waltham serves this dish as an appetizer with some fresh greens. It also works well as a cocktail finger-food.

1 fresh rabbit (boned)
1 large egg
1 carrot
1 small celery rib
1 small yellow onion
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
2 oz. pistachios
1 jar of Mostarda Meditteraneo

In a food processor coursely grind the leg meat of the rabbit. Finely dice the carrot, celery, onion, lightly sauté in the olive oil and set aside. In the same pan lightly toast the pistachios, set aside. In the food processor pulse together the egg, ground leg meat, salt and pepper, sautéd vegtables and toasted pistachios. Be careful to just bind the ingredients. Butterfly the rabbit loin into a rectangle. Place the meat mixture down the middle of the loin and roll up loins. Tightly wrap the loins in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil. Bring a large pot of water (or stock) to a simmer and poach the wrapped loins for about 30 minutes or until firm. Let cool and slice into small rounds. Drizzle with some Mostarda Meditteraneo, serve over dressed greens.

Serves 4