Misty Knoll Turkeys - We have a few extras!

Every year, we order free-range turkeys from Misty Knoll Farms on behalf of customers.

Misty Knoll Farms is located in New Haven, VT - in the western-central part of that state. Owned by Rob Litch and his uncle, John Palmer, Misty Knoll Farms is both family-owned and operated - they raise both chickens and turkeys. John and Rob follow sustainable farming practices and feed their birds grains free of antibiotics and animal by-products.

Misty Knoll Farms is an active member of the Vermont Fresh Network (VFN), a state-wide organization dedicated to building partnerships between Vermont farmers, chefs, and consumers to strengthen Vermont's agriculture. John and Rob feel strongly that working to create enduring connections between local farms, restaurants and food retailers is important for the future of Vermont.

Misty Knoll turkeys are started in a large brooder house, sheltered from the elements, until they are capable of withstanding Vermont's chilly nights. Then the flocks are moved to open barns with free access to pastures, sunlight, wholesome feed and fresh water. Allowed to grow naturally to size, the turkeys are robust and meaty. Naturally grown birds take longer to mature, but the resulting flavor is well worth it. By processing the birds on-site in their USDA-inspected facility, Misty Knoll birds sustain much less stress. The poultry is then carefully processed and graded by hand.

Still Turkeys Available!
We bought extra turkeys and we have a few still available weighing between 12lbs and 17lbs. Please inquire within our Cambridge store or call us at 617-354-4750 to place an order.

The turkeys will be available for pick-up on Tuesday, November 25 (after 2pm) or Wednesday, November 26 (9am-6pm) at our Cambridge location.

To view our Thanksgiving menu, please click here.

Note: unfortunately, due to a shortage of oven space, we cannot pre-cook turkeys.