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Formaggio Food Community

Crepinettes, Chicken Liver Mousse, FK Franks + Lambcetta - FFC (June, 2012)

Formaggio Food Community Charcuterie Membership

From farmers to cheese makers, Formaggio Kitchen makes a point of working with people who uphold traditional production methods that respect and express the unique environments in which the food was raised, grown, or made. In New England, many of these hardworking, dedicated food producers happen to be our neighbors. From the 50-hog farm run by a Concord, MA couple that provides our charcutière with sausage-making supplies to the cheeses from Vermont family dairies that line our counters, we are both lucky and proud of our relationships with our local food producers.

In that spirit, we’re pleased to offer the Formaggio Food Community, with Local Cheese and In-House Charcuterie options. The benefits of joining extend far beyond enjoying well crafted local cheeses and meats. Your participation in this program helps us support area farmers and cheesemakers as they strive to build on New England’s agricultural heritage. In addition, members enjoy a 5% discount over retail prices on three-month shares, and a 10% discount on six-month shares. First-time Formaggio Food Community members will also receive a sturdy reusable Formaggio Kitchen tote bag.

All Formaggio Food Community shares may be purchased online via the Formaggio Kitchen Eventbrite page.

Food Community Background

This is a year-round program for which we are always accepting new members. You can pick up your monthly share from either our Cambridge location (244 Huron Avenue) or our South End shop in Boston (268 Shawmut Avenue). Cambridge shares are ready at noon on the first Thursday of each month. South End shares are ready at noon on the first Friday of each month. Shares must be picked up by 4pm on the following Sunday.

For both the Local Cheese and In-House Charcuterie options, a share is appropriate for 1-2 people. The contents should be consumed within one week.

Local Cheese Membership

Some of the finest examples of American artisan cheese are coming from producers in our own backyard, folks who are carrying on the area’s long tradition of dairying and cheesemaking.

Each installment of our Local Cheese share will contain four varieties of cheese from different producers around the Northeast, all selected by our domestic cheese buyer at the height of ripeness and flavor. You’ll get to know not only the incredible variety of local cheeses, but also the stories and people behind them, as each cheese will be accompanied by information about the artisans and farms that produced it. Members of the Local Cheese community will also receive special subscriber-only cheeses not regularly available at Formaggio Kitchen.

In your Local Cheese Share, you’ll receive 1/4 to 1/3 pound of each of four cheeses every month. Among them you’ll find at least one example of a strong cheese (blue or washed rind), a soft cheese and a firm cheese.

Cheese Membership Pricing

Three Month Share: $99
Six Month Share: $179

Shares may be purchased online via the Formaggio Kitchen Eventbrite page.

In-house Charcuterie Membership

Preserving meat is a centuries-old art, and one we take very seriously. Our award-winning charcutière Julie Biggs transforms locally and humanely raised meats into pâtés, sausages, terrines, and cured delicacies. She sources rabbit, pork, duck, and other meats from small family farms across New England, and maintains the highest standards for quality and taste. An In-House Charcuterie membership will keep your larder stocked with essentials such as fresh sausages, pancetta, bacon, and pâtés, plus a few subscriber-only treats.

You’ll find four examples of Julie’s handiwork in each installment. The list below is an example of what you might receive in each shipment. The contents may vary slightly depending on the offerings of our network of local farms, as well as Julie’s creativity and inspiration.

Example Share: 2 fresh sausage links (lamb, pork, or chicken), 1/4 pound of pâté or rillettes, 1/4 pound of cured meat (bacon, pancetta, guanciale, etc.), 1/4 – 1/3 pound of a seasonally appropriate “surprise”

Charcuterie Membership Pricing

Three Month Share: $105
Six Month Share: $200

Shares may be purchased online via the Formaggio Kitchen Eventbrite page.