Specialty Hors D’Oeuvres

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Formaggio Kitchen Favorites: Available year-round* 

Toasted Goat Cheese Crostini
Thinly sliced ficelle topped with sweet fig jam and creamy goat cheese, baked lightly until golden brown and melted.

Turkish-spiced Turkey Meatballs

Fresh, ground lean turkey is seasoned with Turkish spices, shaped into bite-sized meatballs, and roasted in the traditional Turkish style. Savory, spicy, and delicious! Served with a cucumber and mint yoghurt sauce.

Roasted Chicken Wings
Bell & Evans chicken wings rubbed with our housemade marinade, Vandovan curry or Scichuan glaze roasted until crispy and served with dip - the perfect picnic fare!

Savory French cheese puffs made with Marcel Petite Comté cheese. Excellent with Champagne.

Herbed Gougères
We added fresh dill and taragon to our favorite receipe. Great for brunch or with cocktails!

Devils on Horseback
$14.00/ dozen
The ideal mix of savory and sweet. A succulent Medjool date, hand-stuffed with a Marcona almond, wrapped in crispy bacon.

Jambon Rémoulade

Jambon de Paris, a mild French ham, is neatly wrapped around our housemade celeriac remoulade. A lovely retro classic hors d'oeuvre that is excellent with gin-based cocktails.

Stuffed Mushrooms
$18.00/dozen - minimum 1 dozen per filling
Mushroom caps stuffed with your choice of chorizo and cheese or vegetarian stuffing with fresh herbs and cheese. A cocktail party classic.

Stuffed Grape Leaves
The perfect vegetarian finger food! Tender grape leaves are rolled around seasoned rice and garnished with cherry tomatoes.

Smoked Salmon Canapés
Bavarian rye bread smothered with housemade dill and caper butter then topped with hand-sliced Atlantic smoked salmon and a caper. Great for any time of the day! 

Spinach and Feta Palmiers
$16.00/ dozen
Classic French palmiers with a twist. Savory garlic and clove sautéed spinach combined with creamy sheep’s milk feta cheese and folded into savory puff pastry. Baked until golden and delicious!

Sausage Puffs
Housemade sausge wrapped in savory puff pastry and baked until golden and delicious. Served with Dijon mustard.  

Mini Goat Cheese and Arugula Panini's
One of our shop's favorite panino made into a two-bite treat! Sesame ficelle filled with creamy goat cheese, fig jam and local arugula. Perfect for a luncheon or brunch.

Lamb Turnovers
Our house made flaky cream cheese dough filled with tomato and oregano stewed ground Jamison Farms Lamb and baked until deep golden brown. Perfect for a chilly evening!

* All items depend on availability of ingredients.