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Cambridge Wine and Beer

Our wine and beer selections are carefully curated to reflect our support of small-scale, artisan producers who use natural and traditional methods to create beautiful products. In many cases, we have visited the producers and seen their work in progress and in some case, we have developed close personal friendships with them. In either case, it is this relationship that allows us to have complete trust in the integrity of their products.

We welcome you to visit our Cambridge store to explore our selection. Our buyers are frequently in the store to answer any of your questions and you can always send us your queries via email.


Our wine philosophy is simple: we like delicious and authentic wines from small producers.

In our experience, the smaller producers know their land and fruit more intimately than larger producers. These smaller producers are also more hands-on with their the wine making process from harvest to bottling. It is the marriage of this hands-on approach and a philosophy combining traditional and ecological sensibilities that imparts their wines with a true sense of place.

The closer the connection a grower shares with his or her land and the more chemical-free the vineyard, the greater the opportunity for the grapes to express their characteristic flavors and identities. We strive to seek out wines made by growers who thoughtfully navigate the plethora of production options available to them and create a wine founded on typicity, quality and environmental mindfulness.

For all these reasons we support sustainable, organic and biodynamic producers. For us, formal organic or biodynamic certifications are secondary to our own understanding of how they work with their soil, vines and grapes. Similar to our approach for other products we sell, we visit our producers as often as possible to see, firsthand, their commitment to authentic wines.

As with any artisan product, the wines we carry can vary from year to year and sometimes dramatically so, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Why should a wine produced in a drought year taste the same as a wine produced in a rainy year? Our answer is that they shouldn’t. We celebrate these differences as true reflections of terroir.

That said, taste is the overarching factor in the wine we choose. We consider all elements of production and while we often prefer the aromas and flavors of natural wines, we are also pleased to discover more modern producers who find their own balance between the purists of the natural wine world and the uninhibited manipulators of mainstream wine.


Craft beer in the United States has been growing tremendously in the past several years. Both consumers and producers are in sync with each other as both traditional and innovative beers are being produced every day to meet the ever-growing demand of our beer-loving customers.

As with many of the producers we work with, we believe the smaller scale brewers offer a more carefully crafted product. It is particularly important for us to choose those beers with compelling aromas and flavors whether hewing to a traditional style or embarking on a new, uncharted style. We find ourselves drawn in particular to local, fresh brews that often use locally grown ingredients but we also bring in a serious selection of imports.

As with our wine selection, we find ourselves drawn most to those beers that pair well with food and especially to those that pair well with cheese. Whether you enjoy sour ales, crisp pilsners, wheat beers, bitters or stout, there is a cheese waiting to matched.

Cider is another fermented beverage we enjoy and is similarly enjoying a resurgence of gifted young producers transforming one of New England’s oldest crops into exceptional ciders of all kinds. Lucky for us, these ciders are perfect pairings for many of our cheeses.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our beer and cider selection, please email our beer buyer.