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Our Kitchen

pork roast

Eduardo’s famous pork roast

Our kitchen is a bit larger than a home kitchen, with a single stovetop that is kept busy throughout the day. Chef Eduardo has been with us for over two decades and creates all of his masterpieces from from scratch using the best ingredients available. Alan keeps our salad case full with wonderfully colorful and flavorful creations including chicken salad, tuna salad, quinoa salad, roasted beet salad, and his famous roasted cauliflower with toasted Parmigiano-Reggiano. Ana and Sonia build our quick-selling sandwiches every morning from staples such as ham and Swiss to our ever-popular BLT to our selection of panino including the heavyweight Cubano sandwich.

Our Charcutiere Julie is responsible for our award-winning charcuterie including fresh sausages, cured meats such as bacon, pancetta and guanciale as well as traditional pâtés, rillettes and mousses. We work with locally sourced meats that have been humanely raised without use of non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones. Julie has won no less than five Good Food Awards for her preparations and has a dedicated following in her contribution to the monthly Formaggio Food Community.

Pulling it all together is our catering manager Caroline and Eileen who work together to create beautiful platters full of our fine cheeses, exceptional charcuterie, cold salads, sandwiches or even full dinners prepared to order. Contact our catering team via email or you can view our catering menus online.

We also keep our freezer full of our own house charcuterie, soups, stocks and sauces as well as a few easy dinner options such as pot pies, mac and cheese and mini meatloaves.

If you sign up for our emails, you can have our weekly dinner menu sent to you at the start of each week or you can view it on our weekly dinner menu page.