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Gift Baskets

Beautiful customized gift baskets! Let us help you create a personalized gift basket! You may choose a straw-lined basket, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a beautiful bow, or a reusable Formaggio Kitchen tote bag with your selections nestled carefully inside. We customize your gift basket to match your budget, and we include a handwritten gift message. If we sell it in our store, we can add it to your gift basket!

Gift Baskets or Gift Totes can be ordered in-store, by phone at 617-354-4750 or by email to Gift baskets may be picked up at our Cambridge location, shipped via FedEx within the US, or delivered locally.

The most popular method of ordering a Formaggio Kitchen gift basket is providing us with a budget and asking us to choose a selection of complementing products on your behalf. For us, there’s nothing more fun than browsing the shelves and putting together a selection into a beautiful gift! However, read on to find specific ideas for your next gift!

Cheese Gift Basket

Our classic cheese gift basket contains assorted hand-picked cheeses, crackers, a jam or honey, and chocolate or cookies. Prices range from $70 – $200 and beyond. Larger baskets contain a wider selection of cheeses and more cheese condiments. Choose from a traditional basket, a jute tote bag, or a black & white recycled tote bag. Add a bottle of wine for an additional $15 & up.

Wine & Cheese Gift Basket

A small wine and cheese gift basket ($100) will include a bottle of wine, an assorted hand-picked cheeses, crackers, a jam or honey, chocolate & cookies. A larger wine and cheese gift basket ($150-$200) would include 2 bottles of wine, an assorted hand-picked cheeses, crackers, jam and honey, salami, olive tapenade, chocolate and cookies. Choose a traditional basket, a jute tote bag, or a black & white recycled tote bag.

Housewarming Gift Basket

Welcome friends, family, or clients to their new home with a non-perishable basket full of pantry staples. Our Housewarming Gift Basket includes a bottle of wine, French Fleur-de-Sel, a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, imported pasta, and tomato passata ($150).

Custom Gift Baskets – starting at $70

Include any items we sell in the store! We charge a $15.00 fee for assembly, basket, shrink wrap and ribbon or have us make your ‘basket’ in one of our jute totes ($15) or recycled black & white totes ($5).

Other Popular Gift Basket Ideas

  • New Baby Gift Basket
  • New Home Kitchen Starter Gift Basket
  • Gift Basket for the Home Cook
  • Country-themed Gift Basket: French, Italian or Spanish
  • Corporate Baskets for Clients, Partners or Staff
  • ‘Made in the USA’ or ‘Made in MA’: domestically or state-produced coffee, chocolate, cheese, honey, jams and/or cookies.
  • A sweets basket: a package of Salty Oats cookies, a selection of chocolates, a jar of honey and a fruit preserve.
  • A breakfast basket (popular as a hostess gift): a tea cake or coffee cake, jam, honey, a bag of coffee and/or tea.
  • A fruit basket: a selection of fruits from our produce department – when possible, we include New England-grown fruits.
  • A snack basket: a selection for a group of people to open up and share right away – nuts, fruit, cookies and chocolates.

How do I order a custom gift basket?

  • For Shipment via FedEx, call our mail order department at 1-888-212-3224. Please note that perishables cannot be shipped over the weekend. Summer weather requires overnight shipping for all perishables. In our experience, shipping a gift tote is much more practical than shipping a finished gift basket – transport is not kind to even the best-made gift basket.
  • For pick-up in our Cambridge store or for delivery within the Cambridge metro area, visit our Cambridge store or call 1-617-354-4750.
  • For pick-up in our Boston store or for delivery within the Boston metro area, visit our Boston store’s gift basket page or call 1-617-350-6996.

Is it possible to include wine, Champagne or beer in my basket?

Yes, if you are picking up the order at one of our stores, or if the order is being delivered in the Boston area. If you are placing a mail order delivery, please keep in mind liquor laws prohibit us from shipping alcohol outside of Massachusetts.

When should I order?

For in-store pick-up we recommend placing your order as far in advance as possible, at least 24 hours, please. If you require pick-up in less than 24-hours, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If we are shipping your gift, the deadline for our mail order department is noon the day before you would like your gift basket to arrive (note: we are not able to deliver on Sundays). For example, if you need a basket to arrive on a Friday, your order must be received no later than noon EST on Thursday and your basket will be shipped out via overnight shipping. For all gift shipments, keep in mind that totes ship much better than baskets.

What fees are involved?

Gift Items: We charge retail prices for the items included in the basket. We recommend a $70 minimum if you are including cheese and/or wine or beer.

Assembly fee:$15 (choose between a gift basket, packed with straw, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon or a reusable Formaggio Kitchen tote bag)

Local delivery fee: Monday-Friday $15 for delivery within a 3-mile radius of our Cambridge location ($4.50 per each additional mile outside of 3 miles.) Additional fees may apply during rush hour or for downtown Boston locations. If you require weekend delivery, we are happy to hire a courier service on your behalf.

Shipping fee: Shipping charges vary. Please speak with our mail order department for details (1-888-212-3224).