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A Wine Quiz from Stephen


Over the summer, Chris Kimball and Stephen Meuse recorded their final radio spots for America’s Test Kitchen, in which they discussed wine. Starting soon, they can be heard under Kimball’s new brand, Milk Street Kitchen.

The very last spot recorded featured a pop quiz on wine facts that Stephen sprung on Chris to see how much he learned in the last five years. Stephen reports that Chris did a creditable job on it. There were a few answers on which the two disagreed.

You might well do better.

For each question, choose which response is most correct: true, false, mostly true, or mostly false. You’ll get full credit for a correctly answered true or false – whether with the qualifier ‘mostly’ or not.

How many questions did you answer correctly? Do you disagree with any of our answers? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to subscribe to Stephen’s wine emails – through these you’ll learn about specific winemakers and learn which bottles we’ll be sampling in the shop.

Q & A with Richard Kzirian

Violette Wine Cellars is the importer, distributor, and retailer for natural and biodynamic wine where Richard Kzirian, long time friend of Ihsan and Valerie Gurdal, has challenged the wine scene for decades. Valerie reached out to chat with the wine pioneer himself about the industry and his perspective on how it has evolved in the last few decades. Ihsan and Continue Reading »

Re-Inventing the Family Farm

In any boutique wine shop, including the Formaggio Wine Corner, our shop-within-a-shop, you will frequently hear the sales staff speak of “family-owned” vineyards. While this term serves most obviously as a counterpoint to “corporate” viticulture and industrial-scale wine making, the implication is also one of tradition, continuity, and the repeated transmission of know-how from one Continue Reading »

Jura Wines, Comté, and the Definition of Success

  Vincent Van Gogh believed that most of his 800 or so paintings were failures (an assessment shared by most of the art world at the time). Today, even “minor” Van Gogh pieces are prized by museums and collectors. Novelist Pearl S. Buck once remarked that “some of the biggest failures I ever had were Continue Reading »