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Joseph Paccard’s Traditional Cheeses from the Savoie

Paccard family

The Paccard family works closely with cheesemakers in Savoie.

We recently began working with Joseph Paccard, a new affineur from Savoie, France. Located in the village of Manigod, Paccard carefully selects the farms he works with and develops close relationships with cheesemakers. This means the cheeses we receive are of an exceptionally high standard.

Branded Tomme de Savoie

Branded Tomme de Savoie

All of the cheese Paccard sells and ages is “fermier,” meaning it is being made by cheesemakers who are raising their own animals. Paccard selects fresh wheels of cheese and cares for them in his caves until they are ready to be sold.

On a recent visit to France, we tasted several of Paccard’s cheeses, all of which showed complex and clean flavors. Our first shipment of these cheeses recently arrived at our stores, and they are now also available through our online store.

Tomme Crayeuse Fermier

Tomme Crayeuse Fermier is creamy with an earthy finish.

Tomme de Savoie Fermier: A rich, buttery-textured raw cows’ milk tomme with tangy notes of yogurt. Its balanced flavors pair well with condiments ranging from honey to jam to nuts.

Abondance A.O.C. Fermier: Only a handful of producers make this alpage version of the French classic Abondance, meaning the milk used to make the cheese comes from cows grazing at higher altitudes during the summer. These wheels were made last summer and taste of fresh lemon and warm spices.

Tomme Fermier: The flavors of this buttery tomme start sweet, gradually give way to a pleasant saltiness, and finish on the savory, earthy side.

Tomme Crayeuse Fermier: A buttery tomme that can have a chalky center. It is mildly sharp and creamy with an earthy finish.