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A Sweet Summer Salad with Arrowhead Cabbage

Organic Arrowhead Cabbage from Red Fire Farm

Organic Arrowhead Cabbage from Red Fire Farm

Right now, we have in beautiful, organic Arrowhead cabbage from Red Fire Farm in Granby, MA – and, the other night, I took the opportunity to use one for a wonderful, sweet and crunchy salad. The cabbage offered a buttery crunch, more tender than its more rotund brother. A few turnips added a peppery bite while apple and carrot rounded things out with a sweet note for a well-balanced “slaw.” Continue Reading »

Liège Waffles: Starring Belgian Pearl Sugar

When I first tried Liège waffles (also sometimes known as Belgian waffles), my taste-buds exploded! Sweet, dense, yeasted, chewy, filled with crunchy pockets of sugar that also caramelized on the surface – they were the ideal waffle.

Capturing California Citrus: Candied Blood Orange Peel

Unpacking a box of Moro blood oranges from Rancho del Sol, I was immediately hit with a rich, balsamic fragrance that was only matched in richness by their bright ruby appearance. Having yet to preserve any of this season’s citrus fruit, I immediately decided to snap up a pound to juice and candy.