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Perfecting the Pizza with Mulino Marino Flour

Roman Wood-Fired Oven

The Stamp Family Roman-style wood-fired oven

In my everlasting quest to make the perfect pizza, it’s always been about the dough.  I’ve made hundreds of pies, each time striving for the balance of good structure, depth of flavor, and workability.  The outcomes have ranged from revelatory to disastrous, but I’m assured—save a few singed eyebrows and flour-coated jeans—that no one has been harmed by the experimentation.  From cracker-thin, high-gluten crusts with a gratifying crunch to pillowy, pliable pies that rise and fall with the heat, the permutations of just a few simple ingredients are seemingly endless.

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A Taste of New England: Pawlet Cheese and Lavender Caramel Apple Pie

The heat of summer is finally over! While that does mean the end of berries, lemonade and cobblers, the season of pumpkins, mulled cider and, of course, apple pie is now in full swing.

Grilling with Chris Schlesinger: Clams in Chile-Butter Sauce

We are devotees of legendary grillmaster and renowned chef, Chris Schlesinger. Here, he shares with us his recipe for “Clams in Chile-Butter Sauce,” featuring a local delicacy – littleneck clams.

Grilling with Chris Schlesinger: Mussels with Mango Curry Sauce

This recipe for “Mussels with Mango Curry Sauce” was one that Chris Schlesinger used in his “Seafood Grilling” class – he kindly gave us permission to share this glorious recipe as we savor the last days of summer!