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Cambridge Community Center Fundraiser: Formaggio Kitchen Gives Back

Since 1929, the Cambridge Community Center has been an important part to the vibrant city that is home to both Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge and its owners Ihsan and Valerie. This nonprofit organization offers social, educational, and recreational programs for people of all ages, enriching the neighborhood through programs that empower, educate, and engage. After 88 years of serving the city of Cambridge, Valerie and Ihsan felt it was time to return the favor.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Darrin Korte, the executive director of the center. His passion for keeping this place running radiates through his words. “While the neighborhood has seen some changes throughout the years, the [Cambridge Community Center] has remained a constant resource for so many people,” he tells me. “The CCC is home.” Korte said they want to raise money locally so they can continue providing “the quality care and programming our community members deserve at a cost everyone can afford.”

To help with the fundraising, a few local restaurants and shops are donating a portion of their proceeds from a featured dish or item to the center. Our South End shop is donating profits from their popular olive oil cakes while the Cambridge store’s selection is their own house made Granola.

Other contributors include East Coast Grill, Oleana, Puritan & Co., Benedetto, Craigie on Main, and Flour Bakery + Café. We encourage you to visit any of these locations and ask about the menu items that will help support the CCC.


Alice’s Granola

This is the first year of the Dine and Do Good Restaurant Fundraiser and Korte is already dedicated to making it an annual event. “It has been a pleasure working with the restaurants.” He continues, “their generosity is inspiring.”

Be sure to buy the featured item or dish at any of the involved establishments through the month of April so you can “dine and do good” and give back to the center that supports the beautiful city of Cambridge. 

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