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Dammann Frères Teas: A Few of Our Favorites

Darjeeling Teas

Over the past few months, Julia, our tea buyer, has been working hard to refine and focus our tea selection. Among the companies she works with is Dammann Frères, an impressive, third-generation French company that specializes in blending fine, loose leaf teas.

We just received in a shipment from Dammann Frères and asked Julia to share her top five picks with us. A lot of difficult decision-making was involved but, ultimately, she narrowed down her picks to the below – a selection of teas that encompass a variety of styles, flavor profiles and countries of origin. Continue Reading »

Crème de Cassis de Dijon: The Secret to “Kir”

This week we’re highlighting one of our favorite French liqueurs, the inky black currant flavored Crème de Cassis de Dijon. These sweet little bottles of crème de cassis are made in Burgundy by Briottet, a company run by the Briottet family in the town of Dijon since 1836.

Roasting with Barrington Coffee

I recently visited Barrington Coffee at their roastery in Lee, MA, in the heart of the Berkshires. Roastmaster Brian Heck, along with fellow coffee alchemist Paul, guided me through Barrington’s process of coaxing the delicate aromas and fine flavors out of their unroasted, green coffee beans.

VinItaly 2012: Tasting New Vintages and Reconnecting with Growers

As Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge’s Wine Buyer, the long-awaited arrival of spring usually means having the opportunity to travel to Verona for Italy’s most significant wine expo, VinItaly. This year was no exception.

A Matter of Taste

Everyone who makes something has an agenda or a philosophy that drives what they do. In my mind, it is imperative that retailers and consumers alike evaluate products on the basis of both taste and philosophy.