Corporate Gift Giving

If you're in charge of making arrangements for the company gifts to be given to your favorite clients, you know how challenging it can be to find something uniquely suited to impress while also fitting the prescribed budget.

Formaggio Kitchen offers several ways to achieve both. We offer gift assortments for pick up in the store, local delivery or shipped nationally (or any combination of all three). Choose each item  yourself or let us put together a selection of our favorites to fit your budget.

Whether your gifts are that single perfect item or our biggest basket hand-picked by Ihsan himself, we will make sure the process is easy and the results exceptional. Please contact our

If you're looking for a special event for your staff or to share with your clients, our popular class program offers private events with instructors who specialize in cheese, wine, cooking and other areas of specialty food. If you would like to enquire about organizing a special event for your company or your clients, just send an email to