Saturday Sidewalk BBQ Menu

Our Saturday streetside BBQ returned for the 2014 season on Saturday, March, 29th and will continue into October!

Here's the general info about our barbecue: 

We are happy to take smaller pre-orders up until 4pm on the Friday before the barbecue. If you're serving a large group of 6 or more people, you must place your pre-order prior to Wednesday by 12 noon. Please be aware that pre-orders will not be warmed up on the grill at time of pickup.  Hots dogs, sausages and other items that require "finishing" on the grill are not available via pre-order.  All pre-ordered sandwiches are packaged "deconstructed" with the meat separate from the bread so it doesn't get soggy.  Please make your pre-order as complete as possible (sides, sandwich toppings, sauce etc...) anything that you need in addition to your pre-order will require you to line up with the rest of our BBQ customers.

Pre-orders will be picked up inside the store.

Here's the menu. 

 Pulled Pork Sandwich$7 sm
$11 lg
 Pulled Lamb Sandwich$9 sm
$14 lg
 Spicy Pulled Chicken Sandwich
$7 sm
$11 lg
 Beef Brisket Sandwich
$7 sm
$11 lg
Texas Beef Ribs $4 / rib
 BBQ 1/2 Chicken
 BBQ Full Rack of Ribs
 BBQ 1/2 Rack of Ribs
 BBQ Baked Beans
 Cole Slaw


All of our meats are prepared and smoked at Formaggio Kitchen. Small sandwiches are served on a brioche hotdog bun and large sandwiches get a ciabatta roll from Iggy's. Hotdogs are 100% beef - the Niman's are served on a Brioche hotdog bun and the Pearls are served in a hollowed out baguette from Iggy's.

For more photos of our weekly BBQ, check out our Facebook page.